Printer Realizer SLM-50 (metals)

3D printer, Realizer SLM-50 services:

  • Name of the machine: 3D printer- laser sintering machine
  • Type of the machine: synthesis of the materials
  • Location: Tallinn Univeristy of Technology, U06-110
  • Contact person: Lauri Kollo
  • Phone: 620 3356
  • E-mail:
  • Restrictions: dimensions of the product,complexity of the product, access to use the machine
  • Tags: 3D printer, laser sintering, 3D model, metal printer, 3D printing, laser melting, synthesis of the materials

Realizer SLM-50 3D printer

  • Manufacturer: Realizer GmbH
  • Model: Realizer SLM-50
  • Functioning principle: micro laser melting
  • Dimensions of the machine: (L)800 mm * (S)600 mm * (K)500 mm
  • Working area: (maximum dimensions of the product): diameter 70 mm * depth 75 mm
  • Printable materials: stainless steel, Al, Ag, (Fe, Al, Co based alloys)
  • Laser: 120 W


Video about technology

Link to the extrenal video


Link to the external video


Examples of the products and models

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