ABB robot IRB6640 and Rapid Prototyping

ABB robot IRB6640 services (Rapid Milling)

  • Name of the macine: Rapid Milling Spindle PDS and ABB robot IRB6640
  • Type of the machine: Rapid prototyping machine
  • Location: Tallinn University of Technology, U05B-103, ProtoLab
  • Contact person: Martinš Sarkans
  • Contact phone: 620 3252
  • E-mail:
  • Restrictions: dimensions of the product, materials, precision, access to use the machine
  • Tags: 3D manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, 3D model, milling, creation of prototypes

ABB IRB6640 Rapid Milling system

  • Manufacturer: ABB and PDS
  • Model: ABB IRB6640/180-2,55 robot, IRC5 controller, spindlePDS XLHS 110
  • Functioning principle: material removal by rapid milling process
  • Dimensions of the cell: six-axis robot(1000x1200x2500 mm), controller (600x800x1200 mm), fixture for the product
  • Cell includes: robot manipulator, robot controller, spindle, worktable and fixturing
  • Working area: maximum machining volume 1500x2000x3000 mm
  • 3D machining precision: about 0,1 mm
  • Production time: depends of the products dimensions and complexity

robot 6640 eest

Rapid Milling manufacturing cell with ABB robot

Simulation video

video 6640
Simulation video

System 3D model in ABB RobotStudio simulation environment


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