Scanner Yxlon FF35 CT (X-ray)

3D scanner, Yxlon FF35 CT services:

  • Name of the machine: 3D scanner Yxlon FF35 CT (Computer Tomography)
  • Type of the machine: High Resolution Industrial CT System
  • Location: Estonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Technology
  • Contact person: Tõnu Leemet
  • Contact phone: +372 56659869
  • E-mail:
  • Restrictions: dimensions of the product,complexity of the product, access to use the machine
  • Tags: 3D contactless measuring, X-ray tube, 3D model, 3D measuring

3D scanner, Yxlon FF35 CT:

  • Manufacturer: Yxlon
  • Model: Yxlon FF35 CT
  • Functioning principle: 3D scanning (X-ray tube)
  • Dimensions of the machine: 2990 mm x 2200 mm x 1550 mm
  • Unit includes: measuring machine, operator workplace, controller with software
  • Working area: Diamete 300 mm, height 500 mm, weight 30 kg
  • Measuring time: depends of the size and the complexity of the product




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