Focus topics

The focus topics of SmartIC 2025 are:

  1. Preparation, manufacturing and quality control of complex prototypes (two new labs: Protolab at TTÜ and measurement at the new Computed Tomography Lab at EMÜ). Topic managers: Dr. Lauri Kollo (TTÜ), Dr. Tõnu Leemet (EMÜ);
  2. Development of digital twins and virtual and augmented reality (VR&AR) solutions in manufacturing. Topic manager: Vladimir Kuts
  3. Industrial robotics. Topic manager: prof. Jüri Riives
  4. Self-driving vehicles in production logistics. Topic manager: Dr. Raivo Sell
  5. Predictive maintenance and optimization smart manufacturing. Topic manager: Dr. Kristo Karjust
  6. Safe and sustainable energy solutions for smart industry. Topic manager: Dr Dmitri Vinnikov

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