SmartIC in TUT

Smart Industry Centre (SmartIC) of Tallinn University of Technology was created in 2017 to coordinate research activities and to manage infrastructure labs to support the industry in digitalisation. Thus, the overall aim of SmartIC is to support Estonian and European industries in the transition to high-skilled and high-tech manufacturing by increasing their productivity and global competitiveness.

In October 2016 SmartIC received the positive financing answer from the financing measure “Support for research infrastructure of national importance on the basis of a roadmap” (European Regional Development Fund)1. The Institute of Technology of Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu has been involved as a collaborative partner in 2017-2018.

The objective of this first two-year financing phase (2017-2018) is to build up the Smart Industry Centre, define its services targeted to industrial partners, map all relevant Industry 4.0 related distributive infrastructures (labs, technologies, machinery that can be used for applied research with the industry), define its management and the responsible team as a type of distributive infrastructure. In addition, two innovative new labs have been financed from ERF and opened in 2017:

  • the new Prototyping lab (3D metal printing) at Tallinn University of Technology and
  • the new Computed Tomography Lab at the partner of Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu.

In 2017 during the ERF funded project “Smart Industry Centre (SmartIC)” all relevant research groups of TTÜ and EMÜ have been involved to map the future strategy and collaboration both inside TTÜ and EMÜ and with manufacturing SMEs.

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